GRIT. Your capacity to dig deep and do whatever it takes—even sacrifice, struggle and suffer—to achieve your most worthy goals in the best ways.

GRIT 2.0The GRIT Institute

GRIT 2.0 defines the evolution of grit.  To date, the discourse on grit has been primarily quantitative, as in "How much grit do you have?” or, "Can you have too much grit?"

GRIT 2.0 upgrades the grit construct with a hybrid of the best, most robustly tested and proven quantitative and qualitative aspects of both individual and collective GRIT.   

GRIT 2.0 and The GRIT Gauge™, have already proven, through independent research, to have been predictive of:

  • One's ability to move up in one's life, based on socio-economic class
  • One's employment status
  • Performance and engagement levels
  • Innovation and agility
  • Capacity and problem solving
  • One's job and leadership level, among other factors

Join this quest to develop grittier individuals, teams, institutions and societies.

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